Created by those who refuse to compromise comfort and style. Motor brings both art and functionality to the modern tee – perhaps the most essential of wardrobe items for every man.


Born out of an endless search for the perfect tee – a seemingly mythical creature that lies hidden in the darkest corners of vintage shops and among the forgotten styles of yesteryear. Perhaps that’s why so many of us wear them thin – even to the point of disintegration. If we had only stocked up when the getting was good…

The process has been long and wrought with challenge. Yet, it has led us to some of the most skilled craftsmen of the world’s finest materials. After years of dedication to the quest, we have brought back the legend of the perfect tee.

The goal has always been to create a versatile look and feel that reflects our deep love for raw American culture. Gritty. Rebellious. Original. Our colors, fabrics and washes have been carefully sourced to provide the ultimate in comfort and style—and yes, we wear what we create.

Slide into one of our premium fitted tees and ride your bike across town, or get ready to take on the night.

Motor proud.